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International SEO is a fulfillment of globalization promise to make the world a global village. Today, we have companies without borders who conduct businesses beyond the confine of their location. Digital technology and international transportation are helping to facilitate trade in the remotest part of the world with mainstream countries. Companies can transact with a client thousands of miles away from them. But more importantly, how will these prospective customers know where to find you? The answer lies in international SEO!

What is an international SEO?

It is a website and content optimizing process to inform search engine the country you are targeting and the language you use for your business. International SEO is helpful to a company in many respects because it increases your visibility in your target country and gives you higher chances of being found in that country.

Why would you want international SEO?

If you are a manufacturer whose target market is not your local market, it is best to consider international SEO to link up with your target market. Conversely, a producer in a rural area whose prospective buyers are in the global market should consider international SEO to attract customers from the target country.

What will international SEO do for you?

The objective of SEO is to make your website visible to your target audience. That explains what international SEO does; it increases your chances of coming up and rank in search engine result page (SERP). Ranking top 10 in search engine increases your organic traffic and also being featured in Google snippet for the international search result!

How does international SEO work?

Global SEO includes the target country code top-level domain in the URL structure including subdomain, subdirectory or subfolder, language parameter to define the search criteria to target different geographies and divert audience to the prospective website anywhere in the world.

Benefits of international SEO for business

There is nothing compared to gaining visibility in the market and that is the primary benefit you will get from SEO; international SEO has the following additional benefits:

  • Increased traffic. Added to being visible is the increase in organic traffic. As more prospective customers are attracted to your website, the possibility of getting more people to click through to your site is 7 out of 10.
  • Credibility and trust. People tend to trust sites that come up in search engines. When the prospective audience can find you in searches, they believe you are trusted and would want to do business with you.
  • Brand promotion. Seeing your company name appears in the search engine make your brand a popular name with time. By using international SEO, you can save more money in a traditional brand building with a better outcome as you reach your target audience with a fraction of what it would cost with conventional brand marketing.
  • Higher return on investment. Every marketing effort is an investment that hen fully paid will increase the business fortunes. International SEO ensures a higher ROI to compensate for your investment with time.
  • Increased site usability. It is hen your customer found and engages with you that you can measure their experience. For any campaign you run, user experience and usability is an essential focal point that determines your site performance and ranking.

The goal of international SEO is to present your website in international searches in your niche. The SEO technique apart from attracting customers also helps to build a reputation and increase your branding awareness in the global market. While it takes similar efforts and resources as you do with local SEO, you can improve your stake in the international market by investing time and money in global SEO.